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How to choose the thai boxing glove? (6oz-16oz)

1) Synthetic or genuine leather?

From my experience, the genuine leather is more breathable and durable compared with the synthetic glove, so choose the genuine leather if you are not really in a limited budget.

2) What size (oz) should I choose?

It's base on your training propose, you can considerate as following points below.

For sparring purpose

-Choose the heavier glove (14oz or above), its protect your sparing buddy. sure you should ask your trainer about what size of glove to use in the gym for sparing.

For bag work and pad work

Professional fighter will separate 2 gloves but if for beginner or intermediate most of the time 1 pair of good gloves is enough to cover all the time. You can choose the gloves in terms of your body weight

Body weight (kg/lbs)

glove weight (oz)

Below 100 lbs/46 kg   8oz
101-120 lbs/46-54 kg 10oz
120-150 lbs/55-68 kg 12 oz
151-180 lbs/69-82 kg 14 oz
More than 180 lbs/83 kg  16oz


 3) Boxing glove = muay thai glove?

   No! The boxing can only strike by the fist but muay thai can strike by fist palm even griing, so the foam and the cushion  on the glove is different for this 2 sports, so dont buy the wrong gloves.

4) Which brand should I go for?

  The fight gear we sell is top quality and good reputation of brands from Thailand and around the world. You can choose based on your budget and your favorite style. 



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