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How to choose a Thai boxing gym for training.


1) Location & schedule 

Muay Thai / Boxing is about accumulated the skill and experience, it never happen to you that you will get good skills after few months training. Training regularly and consistently is the key to become a good boxer, so choosing the gym that you can easily go for training often is important, do not choose the gym that makes you feel lazy to hit because you will skip your lesson frequency.


2) Timetable 

Choose the gym that suits your availability, most gyms in Hong Kong  offer 1-1.5 hours per session, Don't forget to show up earlier before your class is started because you need time to wrap your hands which is takes time quite long for a beginner. 


3) Personal training / Group class

1 on 1 training is good for professional and intermediate level  ones, it demanding for your strength and conditioning, if you are a beginner i suggest that you attend the group class, not only easy to train but also have a lot of fun with others you will never feel bored to hit the gym. 


4) Budget

Asking yourself these questions before looking for your boxing class, How much budget do you have? Do you want to train for fitness or fighter? How often do you want to be trained ? Nowaday different gyms offer different packages which is good for a beginner, according to the Covid 19 situations in Hong Kong, the gym working time will never be the same can be shut anytime so you'd better start with 1 - month package first.


5) Space & facility

The gym space in Hong Kong is very limited compere to other countries. Some gyms have a lot of  members but very limited spaces so i suggest that you should go for a trial before making a decision to buy a gym package, find the comfortable gym for yourself because Boxing training is about keep training consistently not just one time trial!


6) Your goals

Are you going to be trained for fitness or fighter ? some gyms are offer only for fitness class, some gyms always do sparring session and run a in - house fight frequently. Choose the right gym based on your training goal.


7) Don't be shy!!!!!

If you don't know something, don't be shy to ask your trainer, they are willing to answer you just like i am! feel free to ask me anything about Boxing.I'm waiting for your questions here. Enjoy your training. 

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